Use text for more than just appointment reminders.

The answer to all your staff’s unanswered calls!

Don’t overlook re-engaging existing patients as you build and execute your marketing strategy.



for patients and staff



HIPAA and TCPA compliant



High impression and conversion

Re-engage Patients

With automatic, symptom-specific quizzes to identify patients within your practice who may benefit from a particular intervention.

Request Reviews

You want to know when things go well, and when they don’t you want the opportunity to resolve the situation and improve. Most patients begin their journey online, use PXEngagement™ to prompt patients to EASILY share their story with the online community.

Drive practice efficiency

Use PXEngagement™ AI SMART automation to deliver templated and custom messages to free staff and improve the overall patient experience. The average practice could save up to two hours a day on phone calls by using text messaging!

The Healthcare Community Loves Us!

The best investment I've made in my practice
The services I receive from PXEngagement™ far exceeded my expectations. My staff is happier with a much more organized system. In return, our patients feel they are getting higher quality care. I would recommend PXEngagement™ to any practice that’s serious about comprehensive patient care.

I get to focus on being a physician
PXEngagement™ gets it. They have provided a solution for all of my practice’s virtual needs. From text communication to payments, everything feels easier. And I get to focus on what I truly love doing - helping my patients.

Has given me a huge advantage in the rapid pace digital age
This system works really well, even for people who are less tech savvy. My entire team feels confident navigating PXEngagement™ and it’s proven to give us a step ahead of our competitors. We went from almost no reviews, to consistent new reviews pouring in. It’s made such a difference in both acquiring new patients and retaining the old!

My patients and staff all love this program
With PXEngagement™ , we make less phone calls. Our phone lines are no-longer flooded and we’ve nearly eliminated playing phone tag with patients! It’s not only great for my team, but patients really prefer a text message!


Features to Benefit Your Practice

Convert Calls to Text Conversations

Spend less time on the phone and playing phone tag. Automatically engage voice callers in text conversations that can be shared with your team 24-7.

One Shared Inbox

Stay organized with one centralized inbox with the flexibility to accommodate each healthcare provider’s specific needs.

TCPA Compliance

Set opt-in rules to be as strict as you want. You’ll see clear indicators of every contact’s opt-in status with options to manage that status.

Secure & Privacy-Minded

End-to-end encryption and other security features, including HIPAA compliance, ensure your patient and consumer data is never at risk.

Transform Healthcare Communication With PXEngagement™

PXEngagement™ is an all-in-one communication tool for medical professionals. With our plug-and-play technology, you can spend less time managing your business and more time treating patients. The online tool helps you connect with your patients effortlessly using text sms. Spend less time on the phone, send text messages as appointment reminders and engage with your patients to create sales funnels, collect surveys, and send valuable information. Besides, you can directly call your patients using the online platform.

Whether you are a healthcare professional or work in a medical organization, PXEngagement™ is the ultimate tool to maintain patient communication. Create a meaningful, full connection with your patients and stay ahead. As well as re-engaging existing patients, you can create a remarketing campaign. Our tool will help you keep in touch with your patients and maintain strong communication.

The key Features of PXEngagement™

Send Text SMS

With PXEngagement™ , you can send SMS to the patient’s number. Start text conversion to connect with your patients and make appointments. You can also send mass sms to a group of patients or all the patients. Users can create templates or personalized sms to send quick text messages. A TCPA compliance tool for managing contacts and communicating with patients and employees.

Make a direct call to your contacts

Connect PXEngagement™ with Call Rail or Call Tracking Metrics without changing or provisioning existing tracking numbers.


The PXEngagement™ offers one shared inbox to meet the needs of your healthcare staff.


The online communication tool ensures the security of your data. You can rest assured that your patient and consumer data will be kept safe with end-to-end encryption and HIPAA compliance. Collect Payments The PXEngagement™ dashboard helps you send payment requests to your customers. A customer pays, and the money goes into your account after both parties receive a notification.

Improve Patient Communication with PXEngagement™

PXEngagement™ is a comprehensive online platform that makes your work easy. There is no need to answer unwanted calls and connect with your potential clients using text SMS. Organize the contacts and send personalized sms to create a better connection. Also, you can remind your patients that they are under your supervision by sending them reminders. It will make them feel they are getting tailored treatments. With PXEngagement™, you can expect:

● Keep communication with your patients more easily
● You can save time and money by reducing marketing costs
● Offer more personalized treatment
● Improve staff and patient experience
● Boost your patient-doctor relation
● Modernize your organization and more

Generate More Leads from Your Website With Our Widget

We also offer a widget with PXEngagement™ that can be added to your website to help you engage visitors. It will help automate chat with the visitors. Aside from answering their common questions, it will also provide them with other useful information. You can create more valuable and reliable connections and convert your traffic into clients. Keep your patients happy by providing them with a user-friendly experience. You can boost your connections with our flawless online platform.

Send Personalized SMS and Build Marketing Funnels

Text messages are an effective and quick way to communicate with patients or staff concerning appointment reminders or general alerts. With PXEngagement™, you can send personalized SMS to your patients. Besides, it will be easy for your staff to send follow-up SMS. Optimize patient experience and free staff with PXEngagement™ AI SMART automation. Reduce your organization’s advertising costs and save time. The online tool will save up to two hours of your staff’s time talking to patients. Healthcare organizations will stand out from the crowd using our all-in-one online communication platform.

An Affordable Patient Communication Tool to Revolutionize Health Care

Our company aims to support the healthcare industry and modernize communications. We strive to help our clients. We have kept everything simple for our clients. You can use our website to get started with the PXEngagement™ healthcare communication platform. Regardless of the size of your organization, it is a completely affordable tool. We offer both monthly and annual plans to make things easy for you. Subscribing to the tool for a month will allow you to assess its reliability. We keep only a $500 one-time setup fee. Our packages include

Monthly Subscription Fee $350

(12-Month Commitment)

● Includes up to 3 users
● Additional users - $75 each

Annual Subscription fee $3990

(12-Month Commitment)

● Includes up to 3 users
● Additional users - $75 each

Why Choose Us?

We offer the most convenient and dedicated communication tool for healthcare organizations. Our professional team makes sure that the system runs flawlessly without any lag. Hospitals, medical clinics, or other healthcare facilities can send automated and personalized text messages to their patients. You can transform your patient communication method using our platform, which has a wide range of features. You can expect:

● 24/7 customer support
● Transparent pricing
● Offer free consultancy
● Expect flawless performance
● Easy-to-understand interface
● Unlimited contacts management and more

PXEngagement™ helps healthcare organizations revolutionize patient communication. The communication tool comes with flexible pricing and various features with a friendly customer support team.

Ready to revolutionize your patient experience?