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Reviews are the new digital currency.

Patients are your best advocates as their reviews drive growth of both returning and potential patients. Five out of six patients trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Two of three patients begin their healthcare awareness with an internet search.

Uploading your patient contact information has never been so easy.

In today’s data-driven and digital world, coordinating and optimizing your communication strategy is imperative. With PXEngagment you can upload all your patients via a seamless, easy process.

All in one inbox to centralize data and information.

Your inbox is the nervous system of your practice’s communication. You have the ability to “talk” with any patient on your radar, whether they be current or prospective. Having the ability to be real-time or timed-delayed responses helps your staff manage all the patient efficiently.

Real time or via text, you can assess your patient’s symptoms.

Delivering an assessment with a QR code allows the patient to feel they are initially steering the relationship in their first visit to your office. No more clipboards and repetitive information gathering on their symptoms…just streamlined care.