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Designer MedSpa

PROBLEM: In the highly competitive cosmetic medical treatment and procedures segment, Designer MedSpa wants to be the most responsive practice in its market. The practice already has adequate call volume from advertising. It is interested in preventing any missed opportunities for new and current patients seeking Botox, Juvaderm, or other treatments. As a medical provider requiring HIPAA compliance with all patient correspondence, Designer MedSpa needs such tools to be compliant.

SOLUTION: Designer MedSpa employs PXEngagement™ to be responsive to today’s potential patients and to ensure the company is following HIPAA-compliant text messaging workflows.

PXEngagement™ customizes a pre-built text message campaign for Designer MedSpa to give callers automated welcome texts that function as an intake funnel for patients. All patient data is automatically secured and protected under strict user access rules.  This includes masking personally identifiable information, controlling in-app notifications, and appropriately directing emergency calls to 911. Once consultations are booked, a custom cadence of automated messages prompts patients to ensure they arrive as scheduled.


Designer MedSpa outshines its competition in responsiveness and ease of booking, winning both new and repeat patients.

  • Calls to the clinic are converted to immediate text exchanges and are quickly migrated to appointments

  • Potential patients are educated on the practice’s offerings in advance, effectively qualifying new patients before booking an appointment

  • Staff is more time efficient as less time is spent on phone calls


Otolaryngology Associates

PROBLEM: Otolaryngology Associates wants to help more sinusitis sufferers identify this very under-appreciated disease state. Historically, Otolaryngology Associates has utilized a diagnostic tool similar to the SNOT 22, which allows patients to identify their own sinus issues. However, implementing this diagnostic tool has been challenging due to its being cumbersome in the collection and evaluation of data reporting.

SOLUTION: Otolaryngology Associates employs PXEngagement™ to leverage a digital platform to reach new and existing patients with its more targeted sinusitis diagnostic tool. This tool is activated with a few simple clicks, then lives in a web-platform mailbox, which then makes the patient journey cohesive for the staff and physicians. PXEngagement™ has the ability to digitally deliver the diagnostic tool and then the capability to tabulate the results and deliver patient education approved by physicians. All of this is done in an algorithmic, minimal-click methodology, and the clinic lets technology do the work for them.


Otolaryngology Associates witnessed a significant increase in prospective sinus patient volume and a successful harvest campaign with the existing patient database.

  • Sinus patient volume increased 23%

  • The practice had tried other forms of review engagement and in the first 3 months saw a 45% growth in reviews

  • The practice re-engaged dormant sinus patients in the practice to learn more about minimally invasive options

  • In the 3rd month, the practice employed online scheduling and witnesses 237 online appointments compared to 151 phone call appointments