Top Reasons your medical practice is not attracting new patients in 2022-Number 4 might surprise you!

Private Practice Physicians are in a tough spot. Declining reimbursement, inflating overhead, byzantine insurance systems, and a pandemic are just a smidgeon of the headwinds that face a private practioner. Yet, some private practitioners are thriving despite all of these externalities, so what are 5 reasons your practice might not attract those new patients who are the lifeblood of a healthy practice.

5 reasons your practice isn’t attracting new patients

1. Your website is not appearing high in search results or on Google/other search engines, which could result in fewer visitors and lower online visibility with potential clients and patients.

2. You don’t have enough appointment slots open each day to meet the needs of all incoming patients.

 3. Potential Patients are having difficulty scheduling appointments through your website or your byzantine phone system, so they’re probably going elsewhere for their medical care. In a complex world, convenience in scheduling has never been more critical.  

4. Your phone tree is similar to the byzantine maze of insurance, and patients get frustrated and call elsewhere.

 5. Your reviews don’t reflect the customer experience.

Your practice offers excellent care, but you are missing out on a lot of new business from not having enough marketing efforts. Your practice needs to take the initiative in making some simple changes and invest more time and resources into getting your patient outreach strategy off the ground. By doing so, you will quickly increase patient traffic to your waiting room – which is always good for business!