Why is convenience so important in health care decision-making in 2022?

Today, consumers demand convenience more than ever before in history. With the ever-changing technological advances in our world growing larger every day, the demands of the consumers are changing and advancing as well. Today, consumers demand convenience more than ever before in history. With things like Curbside Pickup, Online Ordering, UberEats, and VR shopping emerging out of the pandemic, sellers have an extremely high bar to reach when attracting the consumer. As a result, the competition is heavy, and people are looking for the best, most convenient way to achieve their needs.

This demand for simplicity and convenience is not only present within the food delivery categories. With all of its complex policies and regulations, people’s biggest desire when choosing a healthcare provider is convenience. In fact, “NRC Health’s Market Insights surveyed more than 223,000 healthcare consumers and found that 51% said convenience and access to care are the most important factors in their decision-making” (Convenience more important). No one wants to spend their time stuck in a waiting room or on hold for hours. By offering a smooth, seamless customer experience, everyone wins, from patient to front desk to doctor. In addition, the healthcare industry’s shift to focus on excellent user experience makes health care decision-making simpler and more informed.

Understanding the needs of patients is the first step in giving them convenience and proper treatment. What does a patient need? First, a patient needs speed. As mentioned, no one wants to wait hours in a waiting room filling out pages of paperwork or waiting for an appointment. Secondly, a patient needs organization and availability. The process of a doctor’s appointment is time-consuming. Calling to make an appointment can take weeks of phone tag to find the best doctor, hours of filling out paperwork, and payment complications. Organizational skills are vital to avoiding these missteps with patients. Lastly, a patient needs transparency from their healthcare provider. They require honesty and clarity so that a patient’s health history can be presented in an easy to absorb way, resulting in more time to discuss options and a patient’s preference, rather than spending limited time reviewing an inventory of history and symptoms. With so many options available, patients will not hesitate to find care elsewhere the second these simple needs are not met.

Not only do patients desire this convenience and ease of service within their health care experience, but so do their doctors and medical professionals. The best way to expand time and flexibility within one’s work is to increase efficiency. For doctors, this means processing paperwork quickly, obtaining patient information fast, avoiding missed appointments or in-person complications/mistakes in the workplace, achieving the patient’s needs, and providing patients with convenience. Doctors must be efficient. If a doctor can accomplish these things, they will make the experience convenient for the patient and themselves in their work. However, doctors must have good time management skills to achieve this goal.

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Written by: Audra Schindehette  please reach out to me at [email protected] for any questions