Why patient reviews are so important in a NOW ECONOMY!

In today’s day and age when someone has a question they don’t know the answer to what do they do? They google it. As I am sure you are well aware, the internet is everyone’s source of information nowadays, however, where that information comes from is very important. For example, growing up in the technology […]

Why is convenience so important in health care decision-making in 2022?

Today, consumers demand convenience more than ever before in history. With the ever-changing technological advances in our world growing larger every day, the demands of the consumers are changing and advancing as well. Today, consumers demand convenience more than ever before in history. With things like Curbside Pickup, Online Ordering, UberEats, and VR shopping emerging […]

Digital Trends In Healthcare: The Future Is Now

From patient engagement and care coordination to data analytics and population health management, healthcare organizations are harnessing the power of technology to improve patient outcomes, enhance care delivery, and reduce costs. In this blog, we explore the latest digital trends in healthcare and how they are shaping the future of the industry. Technology has had […]

Physicians Texting In 2022: How To Get The Most Out Of It

Physicians are using text messaging more and more to communicate with their patients. While this is a great way to connect with patients, there are a few things physicians need to keep in mind to make sure they are using text messaging in the most effective way possible. What is Text Messaging? Text messaging, or […]