• Sales reps have been introducing meaningful technology.

• Research shows that people prefer texts over phone calls.

• Communication is vital in a physician-patient relationship.  

Greg Caesar, a former Director of Sales Training at Stryker, said many other industries have already incorporated text messaging into their businesses, and health care providers need to follow suit or they’ll find themselves behind the curve.

PXEngagement, a Medfluence Advisors company, is a platform that provides health care professionals with a new, innovative way to join together with their patients. PXE enables medical professionals to talk to patients over text, in addition to permitting patients to schedule appointments virtually through a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

“If a physician’s practice is not implementing a texting platform today, they will be behind,” Caesar told Patient Daily. 

He went on to talk about other advantages offered by the company. 

“One of the things that PXEngagement offers to a practice: If a physician has a particular love of treating a specific type of patient within their subset, they can use PXEngagement to communicate to those patients and make them aware of this skill, technique or procedure,” Caesar said. “They can make them aware of this product or technology, [whereas] maybe in the past you would have sent an email or put an update on a Facebook post and hope that patients found it.”

A report from the Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology found that communication between physicians and patients is key.  The report emphasizes that each patient is an individual with needs, fears, and priorities that are different from those of other patients, so good communication is necessary for health care providers to gain a deeper understanding of how to best treat that patient.  Good communication also leads to more trust in the relationship, which could help the patient be more open to following a physician’s advice.  

A 2016 survey of 6,000 people carried out by Twilio found that nine out of ten respondents preferred interacting with businesses via text rather than phone call, Numa reported. Survey respondents indicated that they preferred text messages because they didn’t have to wait on hold, and they could expect a prompt response.

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