PXEngagement’s leadership will launch its platform in September at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head (AAO-HNSF) and Neck Surgery 2022 Annual Meeting and OTO Experience.

Stacy Cesler, Nicholas Binge, and Greg Caesar, former Stryker leaders, will attend the event in Philadelphia.

“Our collective 47+ years of health care experience and more than 30 years working with ENT surgeons affirm that AAO-HNSF will certainly be a time to connect with friends and familiar faces,” Cesler told Keystone Business News. “We also look forward to sharing our technology’s innovative ability to help surgeons relate, engage, and identify with patients in their practices. It’s appropriate that we will formally launch PXEngagement in the City of Brotherly Love alongside surgeons and medical technology companies working to relate, engage, and identify patients well-suited for their skill and technology.”

PXEngagement, a Medfluence Advisors company, is a platform available on mobile devices that seeks to revolutionize the way that health care professionals connect and interact with their patients. The platform facilitates text conversations between doctors and patients, as well as the ability for patients to book appointments virtually.

“One of the things that text messaging can allow an office to achieve is that 91.9% [of patients] appreciated having a text message,” Caesar told Keystone Business News. “[The fact that] those patients received a text message from a practice kept them from having to make a phone call to that office. Think about it from a manpower perspective. Not only is it better for the recipient – the patient – but it also frees up your staff to do other things. In a time like today, where staffing the front office is difficult for many practices, freeing up a majority of phone time is important.

“The other piece is that nearly 86% of these patients who’ve reported receiving and responding to these text messages said they preferred receiving a text update compared to a phone call, email, or [update from] a patient portal. We are reducing the amount of time that the staff has to spend answering the phone and responding to simple questions. Patients are reporting that they really appreciate being engaged with [through] texts.”

The AAO-HNSF 2022 Annual Meeting and OTO Experience will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from Sept. 10 to Sept. 14. The conference will be attended by physicians from around the world as they seek to learn about the latest research developments in their fields, engage in networking events, and stay up to date with the latest advancements.

Source Article: https://keystonebusinessnews.com/stories/630775693-ceslar-we-also-look-forward-to-sharing-our-technology-s-innovative-ability-to-help-surgeons-relate-engage-and-identify-with-patients