As Amazon doubles down in Healthcare Tech, Former Stryker Execs Launch Practice Tech at AAO Conference

• The American Academy of Otolaryngology (AAO) annual conference is taking place Sept. 10-14 in Philadelphia.

• The AAO conference will showcase PXEngagement and other tech solutions for practices.  

• There has been a general shift recently in health care to a more technology-centered approach.

American technology giant Amazon has made moves into the health care space, serving as another example of health care services and providers integrating into the online world.

More removed from the world of large corporations is PXEngagement, a Medfluence Advisors company, which focuses on providing health care professionals with better connectivity to their patients. PXE enables said professionals to communicate with patients via text, as well as allowing patients to virtually book appointments and make payments.

“We know, based on large data sets, that most people (90%) will interact with a text message in three minutes. Sometimes we see an excess of 100% interaction with information,” former Stryker Director of Sales Training Greg Caesar told Keystone Business News. “That tells us that these particular bits of information are really important to these people, and these patients are going back to these pieces of data multiple times.

“We know that when we’re providing good, quality information, patients are engaging with it and appreciative of it. This includes everything from ‘Your appointment is next week’ to ‘Can you walk through this quick diagnostic tool to see how your disease is impacting you today?’” Caesar continued. “It’s super valuable to our customers, not only to the patients they serve, but to the practices that employ PXEngagement, because now they’ve got critical data that they can use to build the patient experience with their practice. They can provide better care and better customer service, and patients prefer it.”

Caesar, alongside former Stryker leaders Stacy Cesler and Nicholas Binge, will be attending the upcoming American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 2022 Annual Meeting and OTO Experience in Philadelphia, which will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from Saturday, Sept. 10, through Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Cesler, Binge and Caesar, who have over 47 years of combined health care experience, will officially launch PXE at the conference, which attracts physicians and health care professionals from countries around the world who are seeking to learn more about their respective fields’ latest advancements and research developments.

The retail behemoth (Amazon) recently announced that it is shutting down Amazon Care at the end of the year, following its acquisition of One Medical for almost $3.5 billion, Bloomberg reported.  

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